3rd Room

26 Aug

you will not find negative reviews on my pages cos there is too much great stuff to listen to and talk about, without bothering with mediocre.

so i was surprised to see 3rd Room’s album being labelled as “a landmark in American music” (attributed to The Guardian) and “already shaping up to be album of the year” (attributed to Mojo) :: my surprise stems from listening to some sample tracks, and all are rather mediocre.

if Within Temptation and Nightwish (for example) are at 10, then 3rd Room barely reach 4 :: there are power chords and orchestral arrangements, but no fire or passion :: Khay Lenitas has a sweet but brittle voice, which struggles to hold clean notes :: so overall their sound is rather amateur, lacking in polish, and needing a great producer to help them extract whatever craft and talent they have :: in the meantime, In Case of Darkness will not make album of the month, let alone album of the year :: sorry

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