Dinara Safina – quotable quotes

5 Sep
Dinara Safina quotes

Dinara Safina quotes

the US Open has a great collection of quotes from Dinara, altho they may not realize it :: the questions after matches are often a bit superficial, so it’s great when Dinara gives an intelligent and deep answer, completely throwing the interviewers off stride

and it’s so great to see how Safina sees life as a journey, training as a task, and winning as a step-by-step process :: right at the start of the US Open they were already asking about whether she could be number 1 :: and Dinara sensibly explained, probably for the hundredth time, that she only ever thinks about the next match – and usually does not even look at the draw


QUESTION: Through all the success this summer, what has been your happiest day? Has it been a match or has it been going shopping?

DINARA SAFINA: Happiest day? Every day is a happy day. Why it has to be [one day]? Doesn’t matter. When you wake up it’s already happy!

superb :: you can read more stirring examples at http://www.usopen.org/en_US/players/wta190950.html

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