unexpected headbanger – Miley Cyrus!

1 Dec
Miley Cyrus rocks outs

Miley Cyrus rocks out!

having just seen Miley Cyrus perform 7 Things all decked out in goth black and stomping and headbanging to the chorus, perhaps we have a new goth-rock-chick in the making :: her $1 billion earnings for Disney may be incidental, as we have ‘history’ with Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera graduating from the Mickey Mouse Club!

of course, Miley is no stranger to controversy as the American media machine is quick to find anything a little risqué in a person’s life :: especially a young teen celebrity :: and so we had the drama of Vanity Fair and webcam and/or phonecam shots of Miley with a bit of bra showing :: shock, horror!!

Miley Cyrus green bra

Miley bra controversy

whatever Miley’s future holds, both on stage and off, here’s hoping she continues to rock out.

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