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8 Dec


because much of the marketing for the Twilight movie seems to be aiming at a softer teen-romance-drama profile, here is the start of a discussion of an alternate collection of songs :: which may suit many of the underlying themes of the books a bit better

first, some suggested bands and songs, in alphabetical order by name of band at this stage

After ForeverImperfect Tenses – the two fantastic voices, male and female, weaving the magic of the song, and perhaps suggesting echoes of the dynamics between Bella and Edward

EpicaSolitary Ground – perhaps a better approach to the concept of a Bella’s Theme

Evanescence – require suggestions as Amy’s pack are significant both musically and historically, and have some echoes with the pack difficulties Bella experiences :: but not sure which track(s) would be best :: Tourniquet may be a contender

LunaticaEmocean – 8 minutes of atmospheric gothic metal with wistfulness and passion to suit the Twilight themes

NightwishSwanheart – an uplifting and victorious soundscape

ParamoreDecode – because it is such a great song

The GatheringRollercoaster – 4-and-a-half minutes of smooth and passionate music that would easily suit any scenes in a forest or with a mountain backdrop

Within TemptationFrozen – surely one of the most appropriate songs for the Twilight saga, especially for the relationship between Bella and Jacob

if you supply lots of great ideas and comments, then maybe we will need a priority list and even a vote later

and we could include ‘bonus tracks’ of Blue Foundation’s Eyes On Fire and Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell if appropriate


17 Responses to “alternate Twilight soundtrack”

  1. Telidon December 8, 2008 at 1:54 pm #

    After Forever’s cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” could be an incredible track to add to your list.
    The symphonic arrangements are so lush and full of life. Floor’s vocals are simply stunning and her duet with Damian is breathtaking.

    • nugoth December 8, 2008 at 3:44 pm #

      great suggestion and perfect symbolism for Edward and the vamps :: thanks

  2. Kat December 10, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    Awesome idea :) I agree with everything here; I happened to be listening to All That I’m Living For by Evanescence at the time, I think it’d be pretty good.

  3. sajewilliams December 16, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    I like all your suggestions here. I’d love to see any of the symphonic metal bands getting more play here in the U.S. Epica and Nightwish are among my favorites, but Within Temptation and After Forever would be great as well.

    I’m listening to Epica’s Trois Vierges right now. Simone’s voice is so beautiful it nearly brings tears to my eyes.

  4. lil_rizza December 28, 2008 at 9:23 pm #

    I totally agree with ur comments everyone I was thinking maybe sum forever the sickest kids ‘woah’?but deffo evenascence and paramore

  5. Traci December 30, 2008 at 10:23 pm #

    I really wish that some death cab for cutie songs had made or will make it onto the soundtracks.
    ex: I’ll follow you into the dark
    or Someday you will be loved–2nd book
    or What Sarah said
    These are all beautiful songs that would be great

  6. nugoth January 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    Hi Traci and thanks for your comments :: yes they are interesting songs altho just wonder how relevant to the Twilight theme :: for me, the Twilight saga is positive and optimistic.
    Although there are difficulties and tears, the overall feeling is one of progression and growing :: learning and experiencing :: understanding from mistakes and moving on.
    Death Cab for Cutie songs are too downbeat for me, more about losing your way, lost hope, depair :: lyrics like “who’s gonna watch you die” and images of self-harm do not sit well with Twilight for me.

  7. Sky January 2, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    The film is so close-up and so focussed that careful choices of intense gothic metal would be brilliant. The actors are interesting and believable and could carry strong and passionate music.

  8. Abraham January 3, 2009 at 2:55 am #

    i think exactly tourniquet should be used in this soundtrack, cuz i firs t thought on “taking over me” but perhaps.. that would fit better in New Moon

  9. Mariel January 10, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    I completely agree with you comments, and that’s exactly what this movie needs some Female Fronted Metal Bands for the soundtrack =) I agree with Tourniquet :D

  10. nugoth January 10, 2009 at 3:21 pm #

    see the review of the fantastic new Sirenia album – there could easily be a song or two in that great collection to make the grade on the alternate Twilight soundtrack ::

  11. William January 12, 2009 at 5:08 pm #

    For a strong female vampire hero check out Shiela Stewart’s Darkness series.

    “Romance with a bite”

  12. nugoth January 21, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

    “Beautiful Emptiness” by After Forever has been suggested by a fan in an email.

  13. Bryan Miles (RavanCrow) March 4, 2009 at 7:09 am #

    Sirenia is and awsom singer and her video’s rocks on youtube. If you have time to see a good looking girl at her best check her out on

  14. Adria March 31, 2009 at 8:21 am #

    another good song is Damned Vampires and Gothic Divine by Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish)


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