Twilight soundtrack review

8 Dec
Twilight soundtrack

the Twilight movie soundtrack was a bit of a disappointment :: although I know Stephenie Meyer loves Muse the track Supermassive Black Hole did not make a big impression :: and the only music which really jumped out and impressed, both immediately and after repeat listening, were the Paramore tracks :: in fact, Decode may be one of their best songs ever

so what to do because it is a shame that such a fantastic series of books should appear to be linked to somewhat limp music?

let me explain a bit more :: both Full Moon (The Black Ghosts) and Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park) are okay songs, but that is all :: okay :: not soaring :: not passionate enough

Mutemath and Perry Farrell appear to be aimed at a different market to Twilight so they were surprise inclusions :: although some of the marketing and reviews seem to have tried to position the film into a narrow teen-romance-drama slot, so maybe the music selection was influenced by that :: because Collective Soul and Iron and Wine did not add anything of value either

on the other hand Blue Foundation’s Eyes On Fire fitted well and Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell did supply a little of the passion and power that seems to be lacking from so many other songs on the soundtrack

see next post for some suggestions for a <better> soundtrack

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