Forever Slave – Tales For Bad Girls

2 Jan

one of the joys of the internet is the opportunity to discover new music, but also to delve deeper :: YouTube and Last.FM and Pandora are great for providing initial impressions :: what i love is the ability to cross-check all those as well as Wikipedia and the thousands of fan sites

forever_slave1_300pxwhich brings me to Forever Slave as, somehow, they have slipped under my radar for, it would seem, far too long :: the odd song i heard in the past seemed too similar to Evanescence and did not register properly :: so what a surprise to find strong recommendations on Amazon when i was checking Within Temptation and Suicide Girls (you know how the stepping stones can lead all over the place!)

but now, after hearing more and finding a few songs i really like, the band have grown on me :: Equilibrium, for example, provides a great showcase for the two vocalists, and some stirring guitar :: Tristeza shows a better range of Lady Angellyca’s vocals as, somehow, the earlier songs i heard did not seem to capture the full flavour

Forever Slave released their first full length album Alice’s Inferno in 2005 :: the group released their second album Tales for Bad Girls in April 2008 :: described as a Spanish symphonic-gothic metal band, they were formed by Servalath and Lady Angellyca in 2000

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