Cleavage Wars 2 – Golden Globes 2008 – Awards Ceremony 2009

13 Jan

fantasy fashion now 'normal'

fantasy fashion now 'normal'

way back in 1944 at the first Golden Globe Awards, there was rather different coverage of the awards ceremony – and drastically different outfits worn by the stars :: the men have stayed fairly true to the tradition, with perhaps just a little more sparkle in some of their suits :: the women, on the other hand, have blossomed

the January 2009 Awards Ceremony for the 2008 Golden Globe Awards was a great showcase of style and talent – and that’s just the fashion designers :: many of the actresses wore figure-hugging, and definitely bust-hugging outfits that emphasised their own golden globes :: the pun is relevant as the media is hungry for glamour :: and that glamour is even more stylised and is now close to many fantasy images of yesteryear

corset-thin waists, accentuated and heaving bosoms, and glorious female cleavage now looks ‘normal’ at so many red carpet events :: and that is no complaint

just as fantasy art has inspired so many gothic metal and symphonic metal bands, as well as stage (and off-stage) clothes of most of the leading ladies, so we are seeing goth and fantasy styles appearing at many awards ceremonies :: the Golden Globes ceremony ‘featured’ many attractive women in fantasy fashion, like (from left) Beyonce, Madeline Zima (one of our favourites from Californication), Miley Cyrus (emphasising the power of 2), Blake Lively and Salma Hayek

Golden Globes 2009

Golden Globes 2009 - the stars and their cleavage on display

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