American Idol returns – with new, improved cleavage

15 Jan

the all new, revised Season 8 of American Idol started with some clever self-marketing :: Katrina Darrell appeared in stylish high heels and … just a bikini :: Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson had no problem with Katrina’s singing, or performance, or anything else

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer

new judge Kara DioGuardi started a bit of vocal coaching, but did admit Katrina had a great derriere :: meanwhile, our favourites from American Idol 2008 have been busy over the past 6 months, including appearances on the American Idol Live Tour which ran from May to September

Metal Sanaz

Metal Sanaz

Amanda Overmyer has finished work on her first album, Solidify, and has been gigging including a spot at Whisky a Go Go :: Amanda also has a relationship with Metal Sanaz, which we are keen to support as well

Carly Smithson, our other favourite goth-rock-chick from last year, has been on tour and also recording :: Carly’s strong vocals, stage energy and risk-taking were very much appreciated, and apparently she has been a great success on tour, not least because of her support for other artists – including comments that Amanda had been her favorite singer of the competition

Carly Smithson's warm cleavage

Carly Smithson's warm cleavage

and, of course, Amanda and Carly were usually the only on-screen eye-candy for us “goth-rock, girl-power” viewers :: as the photo of Carly shows, female-fronted is still very much an appropriate term to describe her!

don’t forget, American Idol averages 30 million viewers each week :: plus 55 million viewers for the final :: plus 97 million votes were cast for last year’s final :: so anyone getting part way into the finals is always assured of some fantastic exposure :: for music and/or body!


3 Responses to “American Idol returns – with new, improved cleavage

  1. Johnny Rocket January 15, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

    Ahhhh, Carly- I think about you every night.

  2. coffee January 23, 2009 at 7:06 am #

    Kara DioGuardi’s cuteness almost makes up for Simon’s horrid haircut

    • nugoth January 24, 2009 at 5:49 am #

      Yes, and have you noticed how Paula has upped the glamour in her appearance since Kara arrived? Which can be quite good when the camera zooms in on the two of them, especially when they are excited about a contestant.

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