Black Symphony DVD :: Within Temptation :: Feature Review part 1

23 Jan

The Ahoy Arena is one of the premier concert venues in Europe, with fantastic acoustics and wonderful transport efficiency. It is a pleasure to travel to the venue in a way that is so ‘right’ it is astounding that other venues are so bad. This excellent access puts you in a good mood before a concert starts.

Next, of course, is the performance. The Ahoy has hosted everyone from Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, right through the past 15 pop years, and with many classical triumphs as well. When I heard Within Temptation would be recording there, and with a symphony orchestra – wow!!

wt_ahoy_purp_500pxFor the purposes of this review I have ordered the concert in the same sequence as the superb Black Symphony DVD – which cannot be recommended highly enough.

So the Overture is just amazing – orchestra and massed choir in the perfect acoustic setting. Then the band arrives and the sound is awesome. Have never heard Sharon sound so good on Jillian (I’d Give My Heart) and, of course, looking magnificent. The power and majesty continue on The Howling with the orchestra letting rip – so to speak. If anyone doubts the power of Sharon’s vocals, just listen to her in front of that song.

wt_ahoy_sharon_purp_225pxOne of my favourite songs, Stand My Ground, comes next and so the tears come too – of joy and wonder. We’re only three songs in and the concert is already a classic. The drums throb next, providing that rumbling backdrop to The Cross, followed by Sharon’s effortless range across husky to pure.

Next is What Have You Done with special guest Keith Caputo, one of WT’s excellent anthems and the crowd cannot help themselves with singing and cheering. It’s like a choir of 10,000 voices. Then it was back to Sharon’s power on Hand of Sorrow, the clarity and range of her mezzo-soprano so evident on this and the following The Heart of Everything. Here I must just mention, also, the huge video screens behind the stage and the very appropriate imagery for each song.

A costume change and a huge cheer for Forgiven, which was nothing short of beautiful. And Sharon too. The piano and orchestra were in perfect harmony and, again, most of the audience were singing the lyrics the whole way through.

Next is another skillful duet, this with Anneke van Giersbergen on Somewhere and its magical interweaving of the two voices. The Swan Song and Memories return to the more mellow style, with the boys all sitting stage front on their instruments.

Part 2 follows …


2 Responses to “Black Symphony DVD :: Within Temptation :: Feature Review part 1

  1. Clayton January 24, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    Very nice review. I still need to get that dvd :)
    though I was listening to the audio version not long ago :)

  2. george pollog November 14, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    great wish america had goth music goth metal there a wall between europa und america.

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