Black Symphony DVD :: Within Temptation :: Feature Review part 2

23 Jan

wt_ahoy_george_400px1The introduction to Our Solemn Hour is met with a huge cheer from the audience, and then the song explodes and so does the entire arena. Sharon in her shoulder-feathers leads proceedings and the whole orchestra and choir are in full flight again. Next the rousing The Other Half Of Me and another special guest, the lively George Oosthoek, with all the necessary growls and menace. Another wonderfully theatrical moment, which the audience loved.

Next, for Frozen, the band took centre stage again to rock out a little, followed by the ethereal The Promise that was given extra lift by the whole majesty of the venue. Truly a thrilling version, with Sharon willing the crowd to enjoy. The anthem that is Angels brought both the enormous angels on stage and the audience to full voice. Spectacular, and more tears for the beauty of the song and the overwhelming experience.

wt_promo_blue_400pxThe flute and choir lead you in and then suddenly the stage and musicians explode into Mother Earth – another crowd-pleasing anthem performed with gusto. The male choir was, of course, thrilling in the live setting, so another classic performance. The Truth Beneath The Rose followed, again emphasising the majesty and range of WT music and Sharon’s voice, plus the magic of the live performance with the orchestra. Truly a perfect example of the talents of all the musicians and their songwriting, and a fitting climax.

Except for the thunderous encores of Deceiver of Fools with another exquisite costume change for Sharon. Next up is All I Need with ballet backdrop and is a much-appreciated sing-along by the audience. Sharon’s vocals again travel a wide range and leave this listener in awe.

So to the grand final, Ice Queen, with the audience, again, singing as one! Black Symphony is easily one of the best albums of any year as it captures so much power, majesty and sheer excellence in metal music – whether you call it gothic metal or symphonic metal or symphonic rock. WT rules!!

wt_black_symphony_dvd_cover_200pxIf you ever need to show an example of female-fronted metal with a commanding singer, just show anyone a track from this DVD. They could not fail to be impressed. Mention must be made of the band, of course, and they are so tight throughout that it seemed churlish to single anyone out. The rhythm section held everything, including the orchestra, together: Stephen van Haestregt on drums and Jeroen van Veen on bass guitar. Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards), Ruud Adrianus Jolie (electric and acoustic guitars) and Robert Westerholt (electric guitars) were precise, and all the guitarists supported Sharon den Adel on stage with their energy and visual emphasis.

Details: The concert features the band accompanied by The Metropole Orchestra and the Pa’dam Choir. It was filmed by 14 HD cameras on February 7, 2008 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.


2 Responses to “Black Symphony DVD :: Within Temptation :: Feature Review part 2

  1. saraletourneau October 31, 2009 at 9:58 pm #

    Great job! I also reviewed Black Symphony for Sonic Cathedral. :)

    IMO, Black Symphony is one of the best concert DVDs ever made, next to Kamelot’s “One Cold Winter’s Night.” I really wish I had been there for the concert!

    • b1kini November 1, 2009 at 9:38 am #

      My background includes being a vocalist and so, unfortunately, many bands “fail” for me because I find the singers lack character, tone and depth. Kamelot is one where the vibrato in his voice irritates. To me it’s not so much singing, in the sense of using the voice as an instrument. The pitch problems and shouting elements are not to my liking. Sorry.

      But agree Black Symphony is easily in the top 10 of live concert recordings.

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