New Lacuna Coil – single Spellbound and album Shallow Life

21 Mar

Lacuna Coil will release their fifth album Shallow Life on April 17 :: the first single from the album, Spellbound, is released today :: with trademark guitar riffs, solid beat and swapping vocals, fans of their sound will not be disappinted :: it has a catchy chorus which we’ll all be singing in no time.

lacuna_coil_spellbound_250pxaccording to superstar singer Cristina Scabbia, the video for the single was filmed in Australia in February with a “shallow and glamorous theme” :: the costume for the video was designed by Dolce & Gabbana and was set in a gold mine

in an interview about the album, Cristina stated, “It’s different, but it’s our style. We haven’t done anything absolutely different from our style, because that wouldn’t be natural, that would be weird – it wouldn’t be us. The songs are definitely more powerful, more complete, more intense, more straight-to-the-point”.

Andrea Ferro added, “We’ve put more attention on the real meaning of the songs, so the vocals are a bit more prominent. We’ve worked a lot on the pronunciation of the words in English, so people really understand the meanings of the words. There are strong choruses, where people can relate and really understand what we mean”.

the single has been posted by Lacuna Coil to their MySpace here – go listen.

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