Lisbeth Salander is back :: The Girl Who Played With Fire released :: Stieg Larsson’s sequel shocker

29 Mar

girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo_150pxone of my top 3 favourite books of 2008 was a quite awesome crime thriller by a new Swedish writer, Stieg Larsson :: I say “one of” because my analytical brain and my emotional heart can swap dominance on occasion, so although the top 3 are clear, the definitive order can slip and slide

so, if you missed last year’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the introduction of Lisbeth Salander, read it NOW :: with a brilliantly quick tongue, a technogeek’s power over computers, and a fearless strength of character, Lisbeth appealed to both my brain and heart :: and she is an enormously refreshing contrast to the lead characters in so much crime fiction

girl-who-played-with-fire_150pxthe trilogy of books are the work of Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson and were a hobby for some years :: apparently he would write in the evenings after his work on a “magazine with a conscience” and, no surprises then that the first book centred on a male investigative journalist, Mikael Blomkvist :: but it was the character of Lisbeth that grabbed the attention, in all her fiery, reckless, determined, secretive and startling actions and (part-revealed) history

the second book is called The Girl Who Played With Fire and continues the story of Lisbeth, although this time the odds are stacked even more against her :: Millennium is the name of the magazine run by Mikael (and also the name of the trilogy) and the story spins around a labyrinth of death, obstruction, false leads and tremendous danger :: compulsive reading

Larsson was a graphics editor at a Swedish news agency for 20 years, before joining campaigning Expo magazine as editor-in-chief in 1999 :: he died unexpectedly in late 2004 from a heart attack, not long after deciding to seek a publisher for his hobby :: so we are lucky to have a thrilling crime trilogy, but saddened that he will write no more :: the third book is called The Girl Who Kicked Hornet’s Nests and is due to be published around September


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