Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana soundtrack hits No.1 slot – Twilight still No.4

22 Apr

hannah_montana-soundtrack_250pxin another example of girl power in the music and movie charts, even P. Diddy and the major hype over Day26 could not stop Miley Cyrus and the Hannah Montana soundtrack reaching number one in the album charts.

the lead single from the album, The Climb, is a great power ballad, another strong indication of Miley’s graduation to be considered a serious singer and musician :: she has already stated that her ideal career would be as a respected songwriter :: we reckon the early indications are most favourable.

meanwhile, the public’s love affair with the Twilight saga has kept the soundtrack album near the top of the charts, and it is still at number four :: it seems the themes of the books and the films hit a nerve and resulted in the strong popularity worldwide :: we say yay !!

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