HUGE news – Floor Jansen returns with new group, ReVamp

30 Oct

There is already a fresh new website for ReVamp and Floor explains the history of the new chapter in her music career.

Floor joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. A live band is soon to be formed, which will get her back on stage where she belongs!

The first composer to join this new collaboration is Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc, Enemy Of The Sun, ao). He contacted her to inquire about current activities and potential future cooperation. “Being a fan of Grip Inc, this idea of working with Waldemar was a big honor and a first step in creating a sound!”

Waldemar’s unique style combined with his experience as songwriter/producer is helping to make Floor’s dream come closer to reality.

The second composer is After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek. “Asking Joost to join seemed logical because of his great keyboards and arrangements, and therefore his potentially valuable contribution. Despite his busy schedule, he wanted to join and get started immediately.”

The website says: “The ReVamp sound will become a unique blend of the personal style we recognize from these musicians. Combining these individual sounds in one album promises to result in heavy and very metal!”

Songs are currently being written and some short samples will be uploaded. Also, Floor made a short video to introduce the band, Welcome to ReVamp:

The ReVamp website is:

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2 Responses to “HUGE news – Floor Jansen returns with new group, ReVamp”

  1. saraletourneau October 31, 2009 at 9:53 pm #


    Floor + Waldemar + Joost = Should be awesome! I’m curious how this will be different from After Forever…

    • b1kini November 1, 2009 at 9:21 am #

      My guess is Floor has moved on a lot with her musical development, as also have the others. So perhaps more symphonic on one hand – or more heavy on the other. Should be fascinating.

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