Judges and Producers on X Factor become anti-girl

8 Nov

The signs have been there the whole season – the judges and producers on X Factor have a real problem with girls, especially any girls with talent. Although it was obvious to predict it is still a huge shame that Lucie Jones has been kicked off X Factor 2009 by the shocking actions of the judges and the producers.

Lucie Jones on X Factor 2009

Lucie Jones on X Factor 2009

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Judges spending more time sniping at each other than supporting their competitors
  • Cheryl Cole’s look of envy and nasty comments against the girls
  • Dannii Minogue’s complete inability to choose appropriate songs
  • Dannii Minogue’s complete inability to speak with any knowledge or passion
  • the Producers continual favouritism for the boys, especially Jedward

All of which means Lucie Jones (photo) had little chance of winning X Factor 2009 but for her to be dumped so early is a sham. A huge percentage of comments on Twitter say this was unfair, even corrupt, and that many will not watch the show. They believe X Factor is a joke and has nothing to do with singing any more.

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