Best Gothic Metal / Best Symphonic Metal / The Social Media Decade #1

1 Jan

Because there’s a hefty list below, we’ll not comment on every song. Social Media with a music focus (MySpace, Pandora, Last.FM) has been of enormous importance in the past 10 years. As well as being platforms and tools that have liberated music, they’ve become gatherings of fans and lists by the millions.

Web 2.0 allows us to bookmark, collate and re-process information in a wonderful variety of ways. We use Last.FM extensively, not least because we live most of the year outside the US of A (see footnote regarding Pandora). The list below has been gathered from “loved” tracks in people’s playlists.

Rather than say there is one winner or a ranking based on votes for a particular song, we’ve awarded Gold medals to 17 bands/projects. We’ve taken the view that, like the Olympics, it can be difficult to precisely judge styles of music. Is a gold in a marathon of more “value” than the long jump?

After-ForeverThe 54 tracks below are the best we’ve heard and noted over the past few years, representing many albums and changes in line-ups of the various groups of musicians over the past 10 years. They are, we say, among the Best of the Decade for:

  • Femme metal
  • Gothic Metal
  • Symphonic Metal

or whatever other descriptive term you’d like to use. And yes, you’re very welcome to tell us how right or wrong we are!

After Forever – Energise Me
Delain-April-RainAfter Forever – Face Your Demons
After Forever – Imperfect Tenses
After Forever – Life’s Vortex
After Forever – My Choice
After Forever – The Evil That Men Do

Darkwell – Nothingness
Darkwell – The Machine

Delain – The Gathering
Delain – Stay Forever

Draconian-Turning-Season-WithinDraconian – Bloodflower
Draconian – Serenade of Sorrow
Draconian – Silent Winter
Draconian – The Gothic Embrace

Elis – Der letzte Tag
Elis – Devil Inside You
Elis – Heart in Chains

Epica – Mother of Light (A New Age Dawns, Part 2)
Epica – Never Enough
Epica Consign to OblivionEpica – Quietus
Epica – Solitary Ground
Epica – Unleashed

Evanescence – Lose Control
Evanescence – Tourniquet

Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s a Lie
Lacuna Coil – Honeymoon Suite
Lacuna Coil – Senzafine
Lacuna Coil – Spellbound

Lacuna-Coil-ComaliesLeaves’ Eyes – For Amelie
Leaves’ Eyes – Njord

Lunatica – Emocean
Lunatica – Hymn

Nightwish – Feel For You
Nightwish – Planet Hell
Nightwish – Sleeping Sun
Nightwish – Swanheart

Sirenia – Lithium and a Lover
Nightwish-Century-ChildSirenia – The Other Side

The Gathering – In Motion
The Gathering – Nighttime Birds
The Gathering – Rollercoaster

Trail of Tears – Empty Room
Trail of Tears – Poisonous Tongues

Visions of Atlantis – At the Back of Beyond
Visions of Atlantis – Pharaoh’s Repentance

Within-Temptation-Silent-ForceWithin Temptation – Angels
Within Temptation – Ice Queen
Within Temptation – Memories
Within Temptation And The Metropole Orchestra – Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)
Within Temptation And The Metropole Orchestra – Stand My Ground
Within Temptation And The Metropole Orchestra – The Promise
Within Temptation And The Metropole Orchestra – What Have You Done (Featuring Keith Caputo)

Xandria – Calyx Virago
Xandria – Ginger

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Footnote: We also love Pandora but it cannot be used globally due to the archaic licensing cartels that still control so much of music.


8 Responses to “Best Gothic Metal / Best Symphonic Metal / The Social Media Decade #1”

  1. Linda Ford January 2, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    very interesting, I bookmarked the page, thanks and Happy New Year for you and Your Family :)

    • b1kini January 4, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

      Hi Linda. Thanks for the positive comment – appreciate you taking the time.

  2. Joanne froggatt January 3, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Great List

    Nice to see tracks selected are always typical easy choices especially from bands like Nightwish

    I own all tracks on the list bar Darkwell and Draconion will definately check them out

    • Joanne froggatt January 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

      sorry meant to say tracks are NOT always typical easy and obvious choices.

      • b1kini January 4, 2010 at 1:09 pm #

        Thanks for the comments Joanne. Yes, we tried to avoid including only the obvious tracks, but of course some tracks are great even if they are “singles’ and widely known. Cheers.


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