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Rage Against The Machine win the race for the No.1 slot on the UK Christmas chart

20 Dec

Initial reports say the Rage Against The Machine song won the race by 50,000 sales for the Number One slot on the UK Christmas chart. Some commentators say the weak version of The Climb by Joe McElderry may have been HELPED by the Killing In The Name campaign.

Decline of Simon Cowell and X Factor

Decline of Simon Cowell and X Factor

One outstanding feature of the #RATM campaign was the remarkable speed of response that was possible due to social media. The combination of Facebook and Twitter, plus many blogs and websites, allowed everyone to check in and find out the details.

Quick update:

  • Rage Against The Machine campaign raised £72,000 in one week for charity
  • Killing In The Name achieved the biggest first week download sales ever
  • Killing In The Name is first ever No.1 based on download sales only
  • 900,000 Facebook supporters helped achieve 502,000 sales
  • 17 million alleged X Factor viewers slumped to 450,000 sales
  • #RATM and #ratm4xmas became trending topics on Twitter

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OTT Goth Style …

12 Dec
isani griffith

isani griffith

… and that’s just the guy! Wonderful to see the hearts and flowers commenting the web at the moment over Isani Griffith and her recent public appearances :: being a model and almost-celeb about town is good for a start, while blue eyes and 5ft 10in probably helps too

Model Mayhem has often stolen a scoop with its open policies and wide selection, so maybe no wonder Isani is on the books :: and where better to advertise while studying philosophy and photography :: which reflects our interest as so many potential modern amazons are focussed and intelligent, as well as fun-loving style warriors

isani and marilyn

isani and marilyn

oh, by the way, did I happen to mention the Marilyn Manson connection and that Isani and MM have been seen in lots of places and at art events, and often in rather close proximity :: a surefire profile enhancer!

previous MM beau Evan Rachel Wood had two portraits painted by Manson and exhibited :: Wood is also the inspiration behind the song Heart Shaped Glasses and appeared in the song’s music video :: last month Wood stated: ‘Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work.’