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Modern Progressive Rock AND Gothic Metal – go listen!

10 Nov

Benighted Soul are currently recording their first full album, following a couple of years of powerful performances at various rock and metal festivals around Europe.

Benighted Soul vocalist JayJay is an expressive and, at times, thrilling vocalist, combining theatrical movements and soaring vocals in many of the band’s songs. She stands out as a creative and passionate front-woman and it’s no surprise the band have been a success at Metal Ladies Fest and H’elles On Stage (for example).

Jay’s operatic style is emphasised during the frequent duets with five-string-bass player Djang, his deep vocals and growls providing contrast and depth. The music is further lifted by one of the most energetic drummers, Niko, and his solid combination of rock and metal styles.

As you can see and hear from their posts on YouTube, Benighted Soul drive forward with plenty of nods to progressive rock – is Jay the new Peter Gabriel and guitarist Jeyms the new Townsend?

Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Female-Fronted Metal – all are perfect descriptions for this band and I hope they gain a huge following with their new album. This is powerful, intelligent and thrilling music, appealing to heart, mind and feet!

YouTube track Ticking Time Bomb is a perfect example of their style


Benighted Soul live


Winds of Plague aka Winds of Change

14 Jan

Just when you thought you knew the line-up of Wings of Plague, whoops there goes another player. Winds of Change could serve them well as a new band name if the need arises.

Kristen RandallKristen Randall (photo left) had been in the band two years and a constant feature in just about every metal magazine that boasted a calendar. Kristen is also well-known in tattoo magazines and is soon to be seen on LA Ink with Kat von D.

But after a big “thank you” to the Winds, Kristen is off to pursue her own musical direction, plus exposure of and in websites and magazines concerning ink. The LA Ink episode is scheduled for next month (February).

Lisa MarxIn a press release Kristen said: “The experiences we shared have been such a huge part of my life the past couple years and I will cherish that forever. As for myself, music is my deepest passion.”

The next new keyboard player for the Winds was Lisa Marx (photo right), also a model at times like Kristen. Lisa had previousy played with Kittie and Day of Contempt and was invited to join Winds on the California Love tour which also included Stick To Your Guns, Sleeping Giant, Oceano and Circle of Contempt .

Alana PotocnikLatest news is that former The Breathing Process keyboardist Alana Potocnik (photo left) has replaced Lisa on a fulltime basis.

And, you guessed it, Alana has also had a ModelMayhem profile. Guess the guys in Winds have great talent at using Google to find their new band members – lol.

Introducing Delain with the rousing track Stay Forever

30 Oct

If you’ve missed our tweets about Delain, here’s a great introduction. The track Stay Forever includes so many great moments – the band at full force, Charlotte’s soaring vocals, gentle symphonic passages, huge and thunderous choruses – whew:

Reminder about Floor Jansen and After Forever

30 Oct

Just in case any of you have missed the thrilling vocals and powerful metal that was such a huge influence a few years ago, here’s the magnificent Energise Me which has been a constant favourite – and on our playlist always:

Floor Jansen to join Delain for a guest appearance

30 Oct

Delain November Rain show with Floor JansenDelain’s special show on October 31st will feature two special guests – Nightwish singer/bass player Marco Hietala and back-in-the-headlines Floor Jansen.

Although the show is sold out you can also find plenty of great information about Delain and their stirring metal music at:

We have been mentioning Delain on Twitter for a while but the links between Twitter and WordPress are still very basic. You can follow Delain via @DelainInt and we think you should!

Metal Rools!

HUGE news – Floor Jansen returns with new group, ReVamp

30 Oct

There is already a fresh new website for ReVamp and Floor explains the history of the new chapter in her music career.

Floor joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. A live band is soon to be formed, which will get her back on stage where she belongs!

The first composer to join this new collaboration is Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc, Enemy Of The Sun, ao). He contacted her to inquire about current activities and potential future cooperation. “Being a fan of Grip Inc, this idea of working with Waldemar was a big honor and a first step in creating a sound!”

Waldemar’s unique style combined with his experience as songwriter/producer is helping to make Floor’s dream come closer to reality.

The second composer is After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek. “Asking Joost to join seemed logical because of his great keyboards and arrangements, and therefore his potentially valuable contribution. Despite his busy schedule, he wanted to join and get started immediately.”

The website says: “The ReVamp sound will become a unique blend of the personal style we recognize from these musicians. Combining these individual sounds in one album promises to result in heavy and very metal!”

Songs are currently being written and some short samples will be uploaded. Also, Floor made a short video to introduce the band, Welcome to ReVamp:

The ReVamp website is:

For all our stories on Floor Jansen, click here: Floor Jansen

Update on “The Fallen”

30 Jun

To avoid a clash with another group, Carly Smithson and band (which includes some former members of Evanescence) have changed their name to We Are The Fallen.

So while it is not as catchy, the first single – Bury Me Alive – definitely is – especially if you love a style very similar to early Evanescence!

On their website the band announced:

Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback we received for “Bury Me Alive”, not to mention the overwhelming response to the free download! There is more great stuff coming soon. If you didn’t register wefor the free download you can still sign up and you’ll be notified of future offers and all of the great things coming soon to including the full site launch!