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Dinara Safina – quotable quotes

5 Sep
Dinara Safina quotes

Dinara Safina quotes

the US Open has a great collection of quotes from Dinara, altho they may not realize it :: the questions after matches are often a bit superficial, so it’s great when Dinara gives an intelligent and deep answer, completely throwing the interviewers off stride

and it’s so great to see how Safina sees life as a journey, training as a task, and winning as a step-by-step process :: right at the start of the US Open they were already asking about whether she could be number 1 :: and Dinara sensibly explained, probably for the hundredth time, that she only ever thinks about the next match – and usually does not even look at the draw


QUESTION: Through all the success this summer, what has been your happiest day? Has it been a match or has it been going shopping?

DINARA SAFINA: Happiest day? Every day is a happy day. Why it has to be [one day]? Doesn’t matter. When you wake up it’s already happy!

superb :: you can read more stirring examples at http://www.usopen.org/en_US/players/wta190950.html


Safina at Olympics :: update

14 Aug

while on the subject of the Olympics, Dinara has been making good strides to reach the semi-finals.

world No. 1 Jelena Jankovic of Serbia was hoping for revenge after No. 6 seed Safina defeated her in the semifinals of a WTA Tour event in Los Angeles last month, en-route to winning the title :: despite a tricky second set, Safina prevailed 6-2 5-7 6-3 and so there are three Russians in the semis – No. 5 seed Dementieva faces No. 9 seed Zvonareva, and Safina faces Li Na (who may have a huge home-crowd advantage)

and speaking of amazons, both No. 4 seed Serena Williams and No. 7 seed Venus Williams were despatched in the quarters, Serena by Dementieva (3-6 6-4 6-3) and Venus by Li Na (7-5 7-5)

Aussie Amazons Rule!

14 Aug
Bronte Kylie Linda Stephanie

Bronte Kylie Linda Stephanie

Stephanie Rice picked up her 3rd Gold medal in the Women’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay final, along with Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer and Linda MacKenzie :: they also set a new World Record and a new Olympic Record.

China, USA and even Italy in fourth also broke the previous records :: so amazon women are powering onwards and upwards in this year’s Olympics – yeah!

Dinara Safina

5 Aug

you may have noticed i have a bit of an amazon fetish :: well, maybe not fetish, but a definite attraction to the positive images presented by successful women, especially in music and, as it happens, tennis and athletics :: if they happen to be attractive too, all the better, although attractive is a strange word :: anyone who sees Venus Williams live on court sees a prowess and athleticism that is so pure it is attractive, it draws you in, you want to know more about the person

amazon Dinara Safina

amazon Dinara Safina

my current amazon inspiration is Dinara Safina, who has just won the 2008 Olympus US Open Series women’s title after winning her second consecutive Series tournament at the Rogers Cup

Safina defeated Dominika Cibulkova in the Montréal final, 6-2 6-1, to extend her career-best winning streak to 10 matches. The 2008 Roland Garros runner-up will now compete for the largest payout in tennis history at the 2008 US Open – $2.5 million!

Yes girls (and boys), Dinara is in the running to gather $1.5 million if she wins the US Open, plus a $1 million bonus for winning both the Olympus Series and the US Open

which is not just about money but a necessary recognition of excellence and commitment in sport, and personal drive and, yes, various degrees of sacrifice

other amazon inspirations include Jennifer Capriati, Kim Clijsters, Steffi Graf, Kelly Holmes, Yelena Isinbayeve, Ana Ivanovic, Carolina Kluft, Janica Kostelic, Denise Lewis, Martina Navratilova, Paula Radcliffe, Maria Sharapova, Kelly Sotherton – to name just a few :: so i will be glued to lots of the Olympics broadcasts

Lost Love is becoming tedious

29 Jul

well the new season shows on tv are still continuing with the American malaise of dumb relationship misses :: doesn’t seem to matter whether older or teen, or even new shows versus new series of older shows :: and it is getting SO tedious:

Gossip Girl is a prime example and i soon ceased to care after the 5th or 6th deception and lie :: but especially Rufus and Lily’s lost love was really dumb

Pushing Daisies takes things to a silly extreme – kiss the one you love and they die!

House is equally frustrating, not just for House but also his ‘youngsters’

i had high hopes for Greek but even when the characters get close to sex – or even have it – there is still a problem of some sort, so at least one character gets to suffer

Kristin Kreuk as Lana

Kristin Kreuk as Lana

of course Heroes has a similar problem to Smallville and Superman in that super powers bring extra difficulties, but the seemingly endless tears of Lana in episode after episode, series after series, is super-tedious (if you’ll excuse the phrase)

meanwhile Friends played the mistakes and misunderstandings for laughs and we didn’t really mind cos the guys are all wimps anyway :: and Desperate Housewives is actually a comedy rather than a drama, cos the women are all wimps and i have ceased to care what happens to any of them – altho the stupid situations they get themselves into are great for some chuckles

seems the US of A has significant relationship issues at all sorts of levels, which are overpowering any good storytelling :: just as most American movies are full of violence rather than passion, so their tv is full of unrequited love rather than sex

bring back amazon queen Xena who gives and takes passion without any hangups!


27 Jul

currently touring her Amazon tour and what a perfect name for a musical force of nature

Ruslana is a whirlwind in performance

Ruslana is a whirlwind in performance