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Floor Jansen and ReVamp update

22 Dec

ReVamp, the new project of gothic metal vocalist Floor Jansen is coming together and signs of new music are starting to emerge.

In releasing a sample Floor explains: “We know you have waiting with great patience for some music! Hereby a short part of our song Head Up High!!! Do realize this is pre-production material, you hear a drum computer and home recorded bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. We did mix it so it sounds OK enough, but it’s not the quality the album will have!”

ReVamp Head Up High

ReVamp logo


Reminder about Floor Jansen and After Forever

30 Oct

Just in case any of you have missed the thrilling vocals and powerful metal that was such a huge influence a few years ago, here’s the magnificent Energise Me which has been a constant favourite – and on our playlist always:

Floor Jansen to join Delain for a guest appearance

30 Oct

Delain November Rain show with Floor JansenDelain’s special show on October 31st will feature two special guests – Nightwish singer/bass player Marco Hietala and back-in-the-headlines Floor Jansen.

Although the show is sold out you can also find plenty of great information about Delain and their stirring metal music at: www.delain.nl

We have been mentioning Delain on Twitter for a while but the links between Twitter and WordPress are still very basic. You can follow Delain via @DelainInt and we think you should!

Metal Rools!

HUGE news – Floor Jansen returns with new group, ReVamp

30 Oct

There is already a fresh new website for ReVamp and Floor explains the history of the new chapter in her music career.

Floor joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. A live band is soon to be formed, which will get her back on stage where she belongs!

The first composer to join this new collaboration is Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc, Enemy Of The Sun, ao). He contacted her to inquire about current activities and potential future cooperation. “Being a fan of Grip Inc, this idea of working with Waldemar was a big honor and a first step in creating a sound!”

Waldemar’s unique style combined with his experience as songwriter/producer is helping to make Floor’s dream come closer to reality.

The second composer is After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek. “Asking Joost to join seemed logical because of his great keyboards and arrangements, and therefore his potentially valuable contribution. Despite his busy schedule, he wanted to join and get started immediately.”

The website says: “The ReVamp sound will become a unique blend of the personal style we recognize from these musicians. Combining these individual sounds in one album promises to result in heavy and very metal!”

Songs are currently being written and some short samples will be uploaded. Also, Floor made a short video to introduce the band, Welcome to ReVamp:

The ReVamp website is: http://www.revampmusic.com/

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After Forever update – sad update – they have quit

20 Feb

Despite some positive comments towards the end of 2008, the members of After Forever have decided to continue their ‘holiday’ of last year and are unlikely to work together again as a band. The message on their website reads:

“As band members, but also as friends, we’ve experienced so very much; highs and lows, good times and bad. We’ll keep supporting each other in all of our various individual projects and continue inspiring one another in making music. Our MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/afterforever will be used for updates on all of these projects and of course After Forever-related news, as well.”

Click their logo to go to the official announcement:


My thanks to LAST.FM friend André for the update: http://www.last.fm/user/wa_laan

This post updates our previous – hopeful – one about the possibilities of new After Forever music in 2009: here

Update on Floor Jansen and After Forever – new album soon?

18 Jan

Floor Jansen during an interview

Floor Jansen during an interview

STOP PRESS: See more recent news – sad news – in later post here

Floor Jansen is the lead singer of After Forever who, at female-fronted-fan, is somewhat of a legend. Her fantastic soprano vocals can scale a huge range, adding tremendous depth and passion to the band’s songs.

Floor Jansen, full force

Floor Jansen, full force

Starting at 16 years old with the band then named Apocalypse, Floor soon joined in the songwriting duties and made full use of her opera training. She also plays guitar, piano and flute and has been a driving force in the changing band, including the renaming to After Forever.

Floor has contributed to work by a number of composers and collaborated on other metal band albums. Late in 2008 was a busy time with Floor guesting on Doro‘s single Celebrate and at a concert.

Also of note was Floor’s performance of the song Phantom of the Opera at the Christmas Metal Symphony. Hopes are that a new After Forever album will be in the works during 2009. In the meantime. Floor has been working on other projects as well as running workshops and giving lessons.

The teaching started after Floor’s time of studying at the Rock Academy, a new type of education facility in The Netherlands that can be compared with a traditional music conservatory but for rock and pop musicians.

After Forever

1 Aug
Floor Jansen of After Forever

Floor Jansen of After Forever

talking of power and passion, have spent the afternoon wrapped in the warm (vocal) embrace of Floor Jansen and After Forever :: some voices have bad days as well as good, altho Floor always seems great :: Life’s Vortex really stood out today.

according to Wikipedia, Floor has a light-lyric soprano vocal range :: it is certainly pure and crisp, adding just the perfect topping to the band’s dynamic sound.

Energize Me – i should say so!