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Of bodies and boobs

18 Oct

Katy Perry in bustier a la Betty Boop

Katy Perry in bustier a la Betty Boop

“All I wanted out of life was a hit record and a great pair of boobs. I woke up one morning and I had both. I had finally arrived.”

Katy Perry made this statement in an interview with a magazine recently. My goals were a little different back in my mid-teens. Yes, I definitely wanted bigger breasts, to catch up with my – to me – huge nipples. Or, to be more accurate, big and puffy areolae around big nipples. Apparently, I have since learned, such ‘features’ are much sought after on modern websites, but back then I had a degree of self-consciousness.

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty outfit

Katy Perry and Hello Kitty outfit

Katy also mentioned her figure and this I definitely agree with. I totally wanted a figure to use as a clotheshorse for a huge variety of clothing styles. I was tall and fit but not, so far, curvy. I did see other, shorter, fuller-figure girls and would curse my tall, slim parents. Yep, if your hair’s straight, you desire curly, if you’re redhead you envy brunettes. I went through all that and it seems so childish now but, whew, it was there in all its glory then.

Katy Perry displays boobs & cleavage at the Grammies

Katy Perry displays boobs & cleavage at the Grammies

Eventually DNA came to my rescue and I grew some hips and ‘proper’ breasts, so was able to indulge in all types of fancy dress – just like Katy explains: “On a Monday I could be a Betty Boop figure. On a Tuesday I’ll be Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. On a Wednesday I could be wearing S&M rubber.”

Of course, the wardrobe buyers, make-up artists and salaried assistants have not come my way (yet?) but it seems even Katy doesn’t need them all the time: “Most of the time I welcome attention but there are days when I need to keep a healthy distance from it. When I pop down the grocery store to buy some milk I leave all my glittery costumes at home.”

Damn. Successful and sensible, all wrapped in one glorious package!


Will a new version of Barbarella get under way this year?

3 Jul

Erica Durance.png

Australian filmmaker Robert Luketic may be in the director’s chair if a “big budget” remake of Barbarella goes ahead. The project has also been linked to producer Dino De Laurentiis, in which case a “big intergalactic adventure with a sexy twist” is quite on the cards.

Luketic has some good work in his portfolio, including 21, Legally Blonde and Monster-in-Law. There was talk of a new Barbarella last year with Rose McGowan in the frame to take on the role made famous by Jane Fonda in the 1968 original.

That version was directed by Roger Vadim and based on the French Barbarella comics by Jean-Claude Forest. Another actress being considered for the main role is Erica Durance (photo) from the Smallville tv series.

Girls and Goth do well at MTV Movie Awards 2009

2 Jun

We know there are a lot of people out in the web universe who cast doubt on the talents of the Cyrus family, especially Miley and, more recently, Trace. There seems to be some old-fashioned bias that believes pop music is “bad” because it is popular. The good news is the people who buy music – rather than criticise – make their choices plain.

Miley-Cyrus-with-Taylor-Lautner-189px.jpgFor us, the fantastic song The Climb by Miley Cyrus (photo 1 with Taylor Lautner) was a welcome winner at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Song From A Movie. It is a soaring track, full of passion and emotion, and easily one of the better inspirational songs of recent years. Some try to dismiss it as “only” pop, but we say it is a perfect 3-minute song in the best traditions of great catchy tunes with its full flavour captured by a talented singer.

Ashley-Tisdale-171px.pngSpeaking of talent, up-and-coming star Ashley Tisdale (photo 2) won Breakthrough Performance for her work in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Not everyone who is “good” comes through the Disney training schemes, but so much young talent is just that – talented. We think it’s great if youngsters develop and polish that talent with the help of Disney or American Idol or the thousands of music, dance and drama organisations around the world.  

Every one of those avenues to success provide an environment for hard work – full stop. You may have talent and all sorts of other things in your favour, but the hard work can only be done by the hopeful star. The hours in the gym, or vocal lessons, or dance routines, will only pay off if they are backed up with regular, ongoing discipline. That is why we applaud the impressive young stars.

It was also great to see the Twilight film do so well in the awards, capturing an impressive list of “Bests” – especially the unexpected Best Fight (which Gigandet also won the previous year).

Best Movie – Twilight

Best Female Performance – Kristen Stewart for Twilight

Best Kiss – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Best Fight – Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet in Twilight

Breakthrough Performance – Male – Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Katy Perry goes a lot gothic – we love it

28 May


We have followed the evolution of Katy Perry with interest and frequent joy. A talented musician even before changing to her Perry stagename, Katy has a clever way with her lyrics. Her One Of The Boys album is peppered with sharp wit and a great collection of summer songs.

Katy’s fashion sense is frequently on display, whether for an official photoshoot or just a trip to the shops. The wide range of styles that Katy carries so well are maybe not as extreme as Lady Gaga, but they can range from bright and sunny all the way through to dark and gothic. A recent shoot for Complex put a lot more dark into the wardrobe – a big step away from some of the candy-colored outfits on top of a banana from a recent award show.

Dark clothes or not, we think the future is bright for Katy Perry – both as a person and as a musician. She is positive role-model for anyone who wants to work hard and pursue a dream.

Just like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry received solid training in Nashville, as a songwriter and performer. The message is the same, whether music or sport – talent and hard work usually go together for the superstars.

Being a sex symbol is also about strength

3 Jan

Cristina Scabbia is a powerful frontwoman in gothic metal, but not a 6ft 2in scandinavian athlete :: speaking about her image and that power, she explains “I didn’t choose the thing of the sex symbol or the ‘hot woman’ and stuff. I always tried to give the message of, ‘be sexy however you are, even if you’re a supermodel or you’re a little ugly girl that still has to double up her inner beauty’.”

as part of the Bullet For My Valentine series of gigs around Europe, along with Bleeding Through and Black Tide, Lacuna Coil were very able to whip the crowd into a music frenzy

Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil

altho Cristina has a tremendous range, some of the venues are less than perfect for good acoustics ::  nonetheless the band have concentrated on getting the sound right, making sure the strength and power of Cristina’s vocals are clear and crisp :: in fact, for their next album (due in the Spring) they want to use the live sound as a starting point

Cristina’s strength of character is evident in the way she controls the stage and delivers the emotion and passion of their songs :: her co-lead singer Andrea Ferro is no slouch, and delivers his vocal lines to great effect, even if his magnetic appeal is less than Cristina’s :: she says “No matter what, be strong, because the message that people will get is from your strength. There is not just one kind of beauty in this world.”

Forever Slave – Tales For Bad Girls

2 Jan

one of the joys of the internet is the opportunity to discover new music, but also to delve deeper :: YouTube and Last.FM and Pandora are great for providing initial impressions :: what i love is the ability to cross-check all those as well as Wikipedia and the thousands of fan sites

forever_slave1_300pxwhich brings me to Forever Slave as, somehow, they have slipped under my radar for, it would seem, far too long :: the odd song i heard in the past seemed too similar to Evanescence and did not register properly :: so what a surprise to find strong recommendations on Amazon when i was checking Within Temptation and Suicide Girls (you know how the stepping stones can lead all over the place!)

but now, after hearing more and finding a few songs i really like, the band have grown on me :: Equilibrium, for example, provides a great showcase for the two vocalists, and some stirring guitar :: Tristeza shows a better range of Lady Angellyca’s vocals as, somehow, the earlier songs i heard did not seem to capture the full flavour

Forever Slave released their first full length album Alice’s Inferno in 2005 :: the group released their second album Tales for Bad Girls in April 2008 :: described as a Spanish symphonic-gothic metal band, they were formed by Servalath and Lady Angellyca in 2000

Women Dominate in 2008

30 Dec
Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

with anywhere up to all 5 top slots in many year-end charts, it is great to see strong women dominating the music scene in 2008 :: not least because quality, talent and skill are forcing their way through the dross of media hype

just take a look at so many of the record-breaking and chart-topping summaries at girlsrock!! and you will see what we mean :: not just the obvious pop charts but the Digital Downloads champions, the best-selling Concert Tours and also the top positions in music charts all around the world, plus even the Rich List (Beyonce, left)

and great to see Twilight (the movie) and Paramore (on the soundtrack) have both had great years and in the top 10 of many lists

regular updates on modern Amazons can be found at http://girlsrock.today.com/ where all music styles are open to debate