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Gossip Girl – No Doubt – Paramore – mixed media to the max!

4 Mar

No Doubt to reform. Gwen Stefani to rejoin. No Doubt to play on Gossip Girl. Paramore to tour with No Doubt :: the headlines have been ongoing – and confusing …

Hayley Williams of ParamoreParamore’s front-woman Hayley Williams (photo 1) has said No Doubt “have done amazing things” and are one example of the path Paramore would like to take their career :: however, she also says that Paramore is not just a “girl-fronted band” and it makes “music for people to enjoy music, not so people can talk about my sexuality”

also of interest is one reviewer at NME suggested Paramore’s sound is similar to that of No Doubt but “stripped of all the ska bollocks” and then went on to suggest Hayley’s voice is equivalent to “Kelly Clarkson’s wildest dreams” :: whatever the case, Hayley has said her personal influences include Robert Smith of The Cure and Etta James

Gwen Stefani of No Doubtalthough I never really got into No Doubt – too soft, too ska, too derivative, too shrill – they were still a good example of a female-fronted band doing good :: and Gwen Stefani (photo 2) certainly has a wide variety of fashion styles at her disposal

the No Doubt/Paramore tour covers 45 cities and begins on May 3rd :: as Paramore have been touring a lot in the 5 years No Doubt have been in limbo, we expect a powerful showing from our metal favourites

the curiosity that is Gossip Girl is perhaps a strange place for No Doubt to do a warm up, but they will perform Stand and Deliver, originally by Adam and the Ants


Lost Love is becoming tedious

29 Jul

well the new season shows on tv are still continuing with the American malaise of dumb relationship misses :: doesn’t seem to matter whether older or teen, or even new shows versus new series of older shows :: and it is getting SO tedious:

Gossip Girl is a prime example and i soon ceased to care after the 5th or 6th deception and lie :: but especially Rufus and Lily’s lost love was really dumb

Pushing Daisies takes things to a silly extreme – kiss the one you love and they die!

House is equally frustrating, not just for House but also his ‘youngsters’

i had high hopes for Greek but even when the characters get close to sex – or even have it – there is still a problem of some sort, so at least one character gets to suffer

Kristin Kreuk as Lana

Kristin Kreuk as Lana

of course Heroes has a similar problem to Smallville and Superman in that super powers bring extra difficulties, but the seemingly endless tears of Lana in episode after episode, series after series, is super-tedious (if you’ll excuse the phrase)

meanwhile Friends played the mistakes and misunderstandings for laughs and we didn’t really mind cos the guys are all wimps anyway :: and Desperate Housewives is actually a comedy rather than a drama, cos the women are all wimps and i have ceased to care what happens to any of them – altho the stupid situations they get themselves into are great for some chuckles

seems the US of A has significant relationship issues at all sorts of levels, which are overpowering any good storytelling :: just as most American movies are full of violence rather than passion, so their tv is full of unrequited love rather than sex

bring back amazon queen Xena who gives and takes passion without any hangups!