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Gothic Lolita Surprise

4 Jan
Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

one of the big attractions of music services like Last.FM and Pandora is the power of the genome approach :: the way songs can be classified and tagged to reflect tone and style, etc :: and even though not perfect and occasionally presenting a song which seems incorrect, most times there is a great result

one radio station on Last.FM that has started to surprise with a wide variety of high quality music is based on the Gothic Lolita tag :: along with obvious examples like Emilie Autumn, Jack Off Jill and Cocteau Twins, have been enjoying Moi dix Mois, AmaiDeath, Schwarz Stein and Kerli.

there are, of course, often Japanese bands included, which as well as providing a contrast of musical style, also leads to some great information and gothic lolita websites :: and one surprise was the increasing number of gothic metal songs, especially from many new cross-over bands like Moi dix Mois



27 Jul

eastern europe is a fantastic source of great music – following in the footsteps of great athletes, great gymnasts, great tennis players, etc.

Kerli is from Estonia and great songs like Love Is Dead (also the album title) are worth a listen.

Walking On Air was a free Single of the Week on iTunes in July in the US of A :: what a contrast to the free dross on iTunes in UK, with tracks from people like Jesca Hoop (yes, the current inhabitants of the UK have lost the use of basic english as a language).