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“we must remain the wildhearted outsiders”

18 Oct

Apnea has a wonderful blog, especially for goth & tattoo & gothic & ink fans, plus sometimes topless and NSFW. The video shows some of the stars and influences of an erotic art show. Much more information at http://apneasblog.com/



29 Jul

perhaps in contrast to Within Temptation, the music of Xandria could be called closer to gothic – until the soaring female vocals, especially on the chorus of many songs, raises the bar and puts them firmly into symphonic metal.

however still love the guitars rocking out and the pace and energy of a great altho perhaps under-recognised band.

Within Temptation

29 Jul

saw a note recently that Sharon den Adel described their band as symphonic rock :: which i don’t mind altho for me they stay in either gothic metal or symphonic metal.

musical genres are by necessity rather elastic and her soaring vocals and often sweet melodies over chunky rhythms stays closer to metal than rock :: the problem for me is the bands you line up alongside in the rock category – mostly male fronted and often more commercial than musical.

so Within Temptation stay within my classification

Hedonism appeals

27 Jul

the idea that one can live a life based on pleasure is appealing, especially to someone like me who is an optimist :: which might sound strange from someone so into gothic music and culture, but the dark and powerful elements of goth are also uplifting …

just look at gothic architecture, those imposing and inspiring churches and cathedrals that can leave you in awe of their majesty … and yet invite you to understand and follow their message.

and i probably err on the side of quality rather than quantity when it comes to sex and passion, altho a new flame can provide hours and days and weeks of quantity alongside the quality :: so new frontiers and boundaries interest me, whether musical or sexual, and the alternative lifestyle provides the best of opportunities.

a photoshoot by a friend

a photoshoot by a friend

pleasure can be experienced in many ways, of course, and having the main aim of life to be gathering pleasure is both liberating and exciting :: because ultimately the philosphy leads to a belief in freedom, for me and everyone else – a stark contrast to most church teachings.

my life can be portrayed in complementary duality
– the beautiful warmth of the sun is ‘true’ happiness – giving light and warmth to everyone and everything
– the brilliance of a new moon is ‘true’ passion – brightness surrounded by mystery and the unseen


27 Jul

beginning in 1996 in Finland, the band had 9 years of rising fame, in large part due to the vocals of Tarja Turunen :: Nightwish are considered a major force in the growth of symphonic metal and have been flying the flag really well.

their albums Oceanborn (1998) and Wishmaster (2000) put them on the world stage and by 2004 they were regulars on MTV in the States, with Wish I Had an Angel gaining lots of attention from three film soundtracks.

ripples across the metal ocean were spread wide when vocalist Tarja Turunen was asked to leave the band, but you probably already know all that.

the next major event in the band’s history was May 2007 when Anette Olzon from Sweden (formerly in Alyson Avenue) was revealed as Turunen’s replacement :: the new album with Anette is Dark Passion Play.