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Winds of Plague aka Winds of Change

14 Jan

Just when you thought you knew the line-up of Wings of Plague, whoops there goes another player. Winds of Change could serve them well as a new band name if the need arises.

Kristen RandallKristen Randall (photo left) had been in the band two years and a constant feature in just about every metal magazine that boasted a calendar. Kristen is also well-known in tattoo magazines and is soon to be seen on LA Ink with Kat von D.

But after a big “thank you” to the Winds, Kristen is off to pursue her own musical direction, plus exposure of and in websites and magazines concerning ink. The LA Ink episode is scheduled for next month (February).

Lisa MarxIn a press release Kristen said: “The experiences we shared have been such a huge part of my life the past couple years and I will cherish that forever. As for myself, music is my deepest passion.”

The next new keyboard player for the Winds was Lisa Marx (photo right), also a model at times like Kristen. Lisa had previousy played with Kittie and Day of Contempt and was invited to join Winds on the California Love tour which also included Stick To Your Guns, Sleeping Giant, Oceano and Circle of Contempt .

Alana PotocnikLatest news is that former The Breathing Process keyboardist Alana Potocnik (photo left) has replaced Lisa on a fulltime basis.

And, you guessed it, Alana has also had a ModelMayhem profile. Guess the guys in Winds have great talent at using Google to find their new band members – lol.


Cleavage Wars – goths, tattoos and Metal Maidens

16 Dec
Lennon Murphy

Lennon Murphy

the Metal Maidens 2009 calendar from Metal Hammer is another great roundup of modern metal frontwomen :: good to see Lennon Murphy (right) getting timely exposure for both herself and Devil’s Gift

Kristen Randall

Kristen Randall

Kat von D of LA Ink, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and the bewitching Alexandra Martin of Adastreia rub shoulders with Marta of Bleeding Through and, of course, The Fuel Girls :: even more ink is on display from Kristen Randall (left) of Winds of Plague

with these large pics on display throughout the year in the female fronted fan office, 2009 should be an attractive year