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Hedonism appeals

27 Jul

the idea that one can live a life based on pleasure is appealing, especially to someone like me who is an optimist :: which might sound strange from someone so into gothic music and culture, but the dark and powerful elements of goth are also uplifting …

just look at gothic architecture, those imposing and inspiring churches and cathedrals that can leave you in awe of their majesty … and yet invite you to understand and follow their message.

and i probably err on the side of quality rather than quantity when it comes to sex and passion, altho a new flame can provide hours and days and weeks of quantity alongside the quality :: so new frontiers and boundaries interest me, whether musical or sexual, and the alternative lifestyle provides the best of opportunities.

a photoshoot by a friend

a photoshoot by a friend

pleasure can be experienced in many ways, of course, and having the main aim of life to be gathering pleasure is both liberating and exciting :: because ultimately the philosphy leads to a belief in freedom, for me and everyone else – a stark contrast to most church teachings.

my life can be portrayed in complementary duality
– the beautiful warmth of the sun is ‘true’ happiness – giving light and warmth to everyone and everything
– the brilliance of a new moon is ‘true’ passion – brightness surrounded by mystery and the unseen