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Rage Against The Machine win the race for the No.1 slot on the UK Christmas chart

20 Dec

Initial reports say the Rage Against The Machine song won the race by 50,000 sales for the Number One slot on the UK Christmas chart. Some commentators say the weak version of The Climb by Joe McElderry may have been HELPED by the Killing In The Name campaign.

Decline of Simon Cowell and X Factor

Decline of Simon Cowell and X Factor

One outstanding feature of the #RATM campaign was the remarkable speed of response that was possible due to social media. The combination of Facebook and Twitter, plus many blogs and websites, allowed everyone to check in and find out the details.

Quick update:

  • Rage Against The Machine campaign raised £72,000 in one week for charity
  • Killing In The Name achieved the biggest first week download sales ever
  • Killing In The Name is first ever No.1 based on download sales only
  • 900,000 Facebook supporters helped achieve 502,000 sales
  • 17 million alleged X Factor viewers slumped to 450,000 sales
  • #RATM and #ratm4xmas became trending topics on Twitter

More details at http://clik4music.com/


Judges and Producers on X Factor become anti-girl

8 Nov

The signs have been there the whole season – the judges and producers on X Factor have a real problem with girls, especially any girls with talent. Although it was obvious to predict it is still a huge shame that Lucie Jones has been kicked off X Factor 2009 by the shocking actions of the judges and the producers.

Lucie Jones on X Factor 2009

Lucie Jones on X Factor 2009

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Judges spending more time sniping at each other than supporting their competitors
  • Cheryl Cole’s look of envy and nasty comments against the girls
  • Dannii Minogue’s complete inability to choose appropriate songs
  • Dannii Minogue’s complete inability to speak with any knowledge or passion
  • the Producers continual favouritism for the boys, especially Jedward

All of which means Lucie Jones (photo) had little chance of winning X Factor 2009 but for her to be dumped so early is a sham. A huge percentage of comments on Twitter say this was unfair, even corrupt, and that many will not watch the show. They believe X Factor is a joke and has nothing to do with singing any more.